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Five Island Golf and Community Center

Welcome to Emmetsburg and Five Island Golf and Community Center

Located on the west shore of beautiful Five Island Lake, the Five Island Golf Course (formerly Wild Rose Golf Club) is a public 9-hole golf course located on the north edge of Emmetsburg. It is a member of the Iowa Golf Association and USGA. This scenic course is open to both the public for green fees and to the members with season passes.

  • Golf Leagues and Tournaments
  • Pro Shop and Bar open daily
  • Carts and clubs are available for rent.
  • Course drink specials
  • IGA course rating of 32.6 on 9-hole course
  • Available for group golf events
  • Available for various events, receptions, community activities.

See Five Island Golf Course for Golf Details

2013 Golf Tournament Schedule

Rules and Fees

  • General Rules of Golf
  • Horserace Rules
  • Skins Game Rules
  • Golfing Rates & Cart Rental
  • Membership & Shed Fees

Golf Leagues:

  • Men & Women's League Rules
  • Women's Golf League
  • Men's Early Wednesday Golf League
  • Men's Late Wednesday Golf League
  • Men's Thursday Night Golf League

Other Golf Events:

  • Smith Scholarship Golf - Youth
  • Couples Night
  • Adult/Youth Tournament
  • Men's & Women's Open Tournament
  • Women's Open Tournament
  • 3-Gal Best Shot Tournament
  • Golf Championship Results

Contact Information
Description: http://www.emmetsburg.com/images/facebook.jpgFacebook – become a fan of Five Island Golf and Community Center  
E-mail:  fiveislandgolf@coursetrends.com      Call 712-852-3422
Website:  www.fiveislandgolf.com




Five Island Golf uses the Golf Handicap and Information Network® (GHIN). The GHIN Handicap Program software provides for scores to be electronically routed from any club within the GHIN network. The system manages your scores and handicaps.

Golf Club Season Passes and Punch Cards
Season Passes (memberships) provide an easy way to enjoy the activities and facilities available. Passes to the Golf Course are available to everyone. Those without Season Passes can participate in all activities by paying greens fees. Punch Cards are also available for 10 all-day rounds of golf:Description: http://www.emmetsburg.com/Visitors/images/golf-a.jpg

  • Daily Golf (excluding tournaments and special events)
  • Golf cart storage units (for rental fee)
  • Participate in all club events
  • Participation in Men's and Women's golf leagues (with paid league and GHIN fees)


Golf Cart Rules

Each operator shall operate golf carts in a careful and safe manner - two people per cart with all riders seated. Cart operators must follow paths and obey signs: Follow 90 degree rule and/or “carts in rough only” signage. Stay 30 feet from the greens. Avoid roped off areas and any worn areas and ground under repair within the rough.

Carts can be rented from Five Island Golf Course. They can be operated by any person age 18 and older. Persons with privately owned golf carts must be at least 14 years of age and have their learner’s permit or moped license on their person while operating their golf cart on course property. Otherwise, an adult must accompany the driver.



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