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Adult Recreational Activities

Adult Programs – Wellness Center

Call Angie Roethler at 712-852-5311 or 1-800-242-5108, ext. 5201
for information about the Smith Wellness Center Programs

Fitness Classes
Angie Roethler
Fitness classes are for all levels and abilities. We encourage everyone to work at their own pace. Classes offered include Spinning, Boot Camp, Aerobics, and Water Aerobics. Other classes upon request.
Personal Training

Brenda McAllister

Work with one of our Personal Trainers on proper techniques for a variety of exercises and at the same time, motivate you to achieve your fitness goals. Call to set up an appointment with one of our Personal Trainers, Brenda McAllister 712-852-5312 or Mark Johnson 712-852-5283.
O’Round the Loch Run
Angie Roethler
The O'Round the Loch Run event is held annually each St. Patrick's Day weekend regardless of the weather! Races include a 13.1 mile race, a 10K race, a 5K race, and a 1.7 fun/run walk. It is sponsored by the Smith Wellness Center.
McCartan Sprint Tri-Athlon
Angie Roethler
The annual Tri-Athlon is held the last Saturday in June each year. Test your stamina in this event: Swim .5 miles in Five Island Lake, bike 12 miles around the area followed by a 5K run. It is sponsored by the Smith Wellness Center.


Adult Programs – City Recreation

Call Mike Dunlap at 712-852-3383 for information
about the City Recreation Programs

Men’s Basketball League
  Men’s Basketball League meets during the winter months, practicing at either the high school, middle school, or Wellness Center gym.
Slo-Pitch Softball Leagues (Co-Ed and Men’s)
  During the summer months, the men’s and co-ed softball leagues play.
Volleyball (Women and Co-Ed) Leagues
  Volleyball Leagues organize in the winter and spring months, with leagues for women only and co-ed leagues. They practice at either the high school, middle school, or Wellness Center gym.


Other Recreational Activities

Emmetsburg Municipal Band
Dave Ballman
The Emmetsburg Municipal Band consists of musicians from 7th grade through retired adults. Membership is open to anyone who plays an instrument! It is directed by Kristin Heldt and Dave Ballman. The band rehearses on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. at the High School and performs at 8 p.m. on the lawn at the Courthouse for six consecutive weeks, starting the week of Memorial Day. In the event of inclement weather, concerts are held in the gym at the High School.
Golf Leagues (Men’s & Women’s)
Emmetsburg Golf Club
The Emmetsburg Golf Club has organized Golf Leagues for men and women with a membership, as well as a variety of tournaments and special golf events. The Golf course is also open to the Public for green fees.
Open Golfing
Emmetsburg Golf Club
The Emmetsburg Golf Club is open to the public for green fees.
Over 55 Golf League
Emmetsburg Golf Club
Seniors who enjoy golfing on a variety of courses will enjoy playing golf with this group. They travel to area golf courses every week during the summer months. Participants do not have to belong to any golf course. There is a league for men and for women.
Mary Moser
An activity based on Korean Martial Arts, Taekwondo provides physical activity, self-defense, personal disciplines, good values, self-control and confidence to the participants. It has three levels: Beginning, Intermediate, and Black Belt. It is available to both youth and adult. Meets Mondays starting at 6:00 p.m. at the Wellness Center


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