Emmetsburg Iowa - Home of five Island Lake

Local Government

Permits and Fees

Building Permit

.05 cents per square foot with minimum fee of $30.00

Cigarette Permit

$75.00 (July 1st through June 30th)

Dock Permit

$25.00 fee annually

Driveway Permit

No fee

Excavation Permit

$800.00 deposit for paved street, $300.00 deposit for gravel street with applicant being responsible for cost of replacing the street in its original condition.

Fence Permit

$30.00 fee

Liquor License Application


Park Reservations

Open Shelter House rent is $25.00 with refund of $10.00 if left in clean/good condition.  Beach house rent is $50.00 with refund of $15.00 if left in clean/good condition.

Picnic Table Rental Application

$10.00 per table

Right of Way Permit

No Fee

Tax Abatement


Variance Application

$25.00 fee

Zoning Change Request

$90.00 fee


Solid Waste Fees

Residential Fee

$12.75 monthly

Senior Citizen Residential Fee (65 & older)

$9.25 monthly

Residential Recycling Fee

$2.22 monthly

Commercial (Optional):


            Five (5) bags garbage weekly

$58.85 monthly

            Dumpster Pickup

$56.71 per dump


Cemetery Fees

William Dickey

Cemetery Sexton

Grave Lot - Single lot

$300.00 includes perpetual care fee

               - Double lot

$600.00 includes perpetual care fee

- Niche Space$675.00
- Babyland $100.00

Grave Opening Fee  

$500.00 per lot on Weekdays
$750.00 per lot on Sunday & Holidays
$350.00 Inurnment/Niche on Weekdays
$600.00 Inurnment/Niche on Sunday & Holidays
$350.00 Babyland on Weekdays
$600.00 Babyland on Sunday & Holidays

Stone Setting Fee
(Requires Permit)

$225.00 Single Stone
$350.00 Double Stone




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